adTumbler has evolved into the #1 private publisher committed to persuasion by education and truth. The BCubed Information Platform began as an energy website publishing the lessons I learned configuring Cacti and RRD Tool to monitor electricity consumption in a data center. This has evolved into today's Learning Management System (LMS) that persuades by educating consumers on what is true and useful.

Alexander Bischoff

I have been writing on information science as a catalyst for behavioral change for three decades. My early thinking was influenced by my late father, a founding member of the computer industry in South Africa. He often told me, "the only thing you can count on is change". But it was Alvin Toffler & Future Shock & Power Shift that really got me thinking about cognitive data science. The science of organizing information; understanding the relationship between feelings, thinking and actions; and creating a desire for knowledge.

My first writing dates back to 1975 and the CIA's involvement in Angola. Exposing the political gaps between the CIA's actions and the media's reporting. Then to expose PG&E's interference in energy regulation in California. How a Grand Jury and a respected group of city mayors were fooled by PG&E and their paid lobbyist.


Open4Energy (our first community site) was conceived when I was laid off by Sentilla in April 2009 for refusing to participate in an embellished sales forecast being presented to their investors. I did not anticipate that this would lead to 3 years without an income, no health cover, learning PHP and Drupal and moving to Northern Nevada to reduce costs.

The first article published on Open4Energy was a tutorial on how to configure Cacti and monitor electricity efficiency in a data center. I wanted to share my practical experience with the Open Source community. We have come a long way from that humble start. And the list of Open4... sites is being added to each month.

We have new authors joining us. Excited to speak out on a platform that will have them be heard. Operation Savannah, where my own story is being published, is gathering strength and has helped a number of people with their recovery!

We care about the accuracy of the information we publish. It has to be true. To be in good time. To be for the advantage of our readers. It must encourage right thinking and right actions without being censorious or manipulative. Most of all it should be honoring to God.

adTumbler, Inc would not exist if it were not for His Grace and following Jesus as Lord of my life. I have been given a new hope and I look forward to serving you as a light for Jesus and what He has blessed us with.

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